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Sugo Cave

The 65 million year old Sugo Cave is a natural rarity. Situated 13 kilometers from Gheorgheni, the first description of the cave is from 1930. The cave’s name, “Sugo”, is due to the rustling or sighing noise made by the constant flow of air through the complex.

There are three known entrances and three levels of which two are dry and one is wet. At various points of the main tunnels are significant halls within the cave: (Buzoganyterem, Letrasterem, Gyokerterem, Szoszek, Rokak terme, Omlas terme). In every tunnel of the cave there are unequalled specimens of stalagmites and stalactites. The known length of Sugo Cave is about 750 meters.

In 1931, the bones of the Cave Bear (Ursus Spelaeus), which became extinct 27,500 years ago, were found in Sugo Cave. These bones are now held in the museum at Cluj Napoca.